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Life Balance,

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About Us

Becky and Dale believe two are better than one. That to achieve optimal success in marriage and in personal coaching it begins with taking the time to foster relationships. With a combined 32+ years in the industry our goal has always been to make a big difference in people's lives. Never to just bring numbers through our doors, but to be a place everyone feels supported, challenged, and welcomed.
Operating as a team, we feel our clients and members can immensely benefit from our similar yet different backgrounds and areas of expertise. We both have degrees in Exercise and Sports Science and are certified personal trainers through the American Council on Exercise. Dale has a background working with sports injuries and rehabilitation, athletic training, and spent many years in sales selling fitness equipment. Becky holds certifications through multiple agencies in group classes such as kettlebell, senior fitness, group cycling, pilates, yoga, and BOSU. She is also a faculty member at Madison College teaching in their Fitness & Wellness program, blogger (creatingafitlife.com) and is a Master Trainer for BOSU® and Balletone, certifying other fitness professionals.

Areas of Expertise

Weight Loss Specialist
Facilitated & PNF Stretching
Group Fitness
Lower Back Care
Fitness Testing & Evaluation
Youth Conditioning
Training for Overall Health & Well-being

Becky Ingebrigtsen, B.S. CPT.
Owner & Trainer

Areas of Expertise

Sports Performance Specialist
Facilitated & PNF Stretching
Post Rehab Restorative Training
Kinesio Taping - Rehabilitative Taping
Fitness Testing & Evaluation
Training for Overall Health & Well-being

Dale Ingebrigtsen, B.S. CPT.
Owner & Trainer
Advisory Board
World Class Talent

Our Mission

Using Science:
We use scientifically proven methods to observe and assess clients, and use that information to develop science based programming. Building successful partnerships with our clients is important for the success of those we work with. We feel our role is to stay up to date on research, educate our clients, have open communication, and work as a team to improve quality of life through assessments, injury prevention, nutrition guidance, strength, and cardiorespiratory training.
Life Balance:
Having balance in our work and personal lives makes a profound difference in our health. We encourage this life balance because when we have balance socially, emotionally and physically, that is when we see the greatest positive physical responses in our bodies. We achieve this with our clients through education and limiting the number of members to ensure we know everyone, know each of their goals, and have the time to commit to each individual.
We are grateful for COMMUNITY! Community to us means the team who we choose to surround ourselves with every day. Our community is strong at A&B and includes a variety of ages, skill level and people from various areas. Everyone is welcome here to our community where we support and encourage each other, not just in fitness and movement but in all aspects of life.

Continuing Education

Supporting Others

a&b Fitness concepts is a supporter of other fitness professionals and their careers. We are strong advocates of science based continuing education and being a lifelong learner.

Bosu U

Our Strength/Cardio & Assessment Lab in Sun Prairie is a proud host site for BOSU® professional education.
Visit Bosu U for current schedule or email becky@abfitnessconcepts.com for more info.


To host a balletone training or to find a current training in or near Sun Prairie/Madison area visit Balletone or email becky@abfitnessconcepts.com


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